Feel Great with CrossFit T-shirts

CrossFit is a high endurance sports program that improves strength, endurance, and agility. Every CrossFit athlete not only wants to feel fit and sporty, but he also wants his attire to look athletic as well. The sport is a fusion of gymnastics and aerobics, and requires athletic gear that is not only durable, but also endures wear and tear.

The basic CrossFit kit includes shorts, speed-chute, power gloves, ropes, athletic t-shirts, and power bands. CrossFit athletic gear should not only be comfortable and stylish, but it should also be able to endure the harshest of workout sessions.

Feel Great with CrossFit T-shirts

The T-shirt should offer a blend of comfort and endurance. CrossFit apparel is able to last through the most intense athletic training sessions. Furthermore, they should not be too tight as to hinder movement during the CrossFit training. Additionally, an athletic t-shirt should be able to absorb sweat so that the athlete can focus on the trailing exercise to build his strength and muscles.

Ideal CrossFit Athletic Shorts

Ideal CrossFit athletic shorts endure the roughest of training activities. The shorts should be able to cope with intense activities like weightlifting, power lifting, rowing, or running. CrossFit apparel offers the convenience of flexibility and comfort while offering minimum resistance during the training sessions.

Perfect Athletic Gloves

The athletic glove for the perfect comfort and ease should be able to tolerate high intensity workouts. It should offer protection against palm burns and calluses. CrossFit apparel maintains grip even during sweating and wet conditions in the ring. The glove also absorbs heat and sweat for maximum comfort of the wearer.

Speed Ropes Built to Last

The ideal use for speed ropes is for skipping exercises that build cardio-vascular endurance. The speed ropes should be high quality that should be durable and long lasting. The handle of a speed rope should be comfortable and allows tight grip during skipping.

Pull-Up Power Bands

The usage of Power bands include pull-ups and power lifting. The power bands should offer resistance level for a wide range of weights. CrossFit apparel is lightweight, durable and offers maximum protection against risk or injury.

Speed Resistance Parachute

CrossFit athletes use a speed-chute or parachute to increase running speed and to build leg muscles. The speed chute should offer resistance to the running exercise for optimum effect during the training session. Speed chutes helps in improving acceleration, speed, and momentum of the runner.

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